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Made from a carefully crafted combination of naturally anti-bacterial essential oils, Sniffle Balm™ is perfect for the cold and allergy season. Rub on your chest or dab a little under your nose. You can also rub it on your chapped, winter hands as a healthy alternative to hand sanitizer.

( Made with our version of the legendary Resistance Oil** )

USES: Apply your chest to stimulate the thymus gland, open up clogged nasal passages, to aid breathing and to prevent a cold. Do not apply to broken skin. Apply to the bottom of your feet to prevent a cold. Apply to chapped, winter hands as a healthy alternative to a hand sanitizer.***


Ingredients:  *organic olive oil, *organic hemp oil, beeswax, *essential oils, coco butter/  *USDA Certified Organic

** Resistance Oil is a combination of essential oils that have antibacterial properties.

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